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Why Some Passholders are Upset Over This Popcorn Bucket

Imagine waiting in line for an hour to get an exclusive popcorn bucket, only available to Annual Passholders and expected to sell out in a day or two. When you get to the front, you’re so excited that you quickly pay and turn around to Instagram your purchase. But wait, there is what looks like a huge scratch on it! You quickly turn around and ask to exchange it. However, the person working the stand says you can only refund it and would have to wait in line to get a new one.

Would you wait in line again for an hour and a half to get a new one? That’s the dilemma some guests faced today at Disneyland in their search for a Steamboat Willie popcorn bucket.

Some said that after going to guest services at the front of the park, they were told that the scratches were there on purpose. As a sort of Retro/Vintage look. At first glance this might make sense. However, consider this. None of the buckets we saw at the park being displayed on the carts had any sort of scratches. If these scratches were on purpose, why hide them? None of the people working the carts seemed to give the same explanation that the guest services people gave, further leading to the belief that either disney cast members didn’t know all the facts about the buckets or that guest services made up a story about the scratches.

Our best guess is that the plastic this popcorn bucket was made out of is very easy to scratch resulting in tens, if not hundreds of containers that have scratches on them.

UPDATE: We’ve heard that all popcorn buckets have now sold out. Hopefully if Disney creates another batch, they are more careful with them or select a plastic that doesn’t scratch as easily. This would be a great learning opportunity for them to try out different plastics to make sure guests don’t walk away with scratched products

Did you buy a popcorn bucket? Was it scratched? Let us know in the comments below!


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