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Universal’s Epic Universe Theme Park Still On Pause

Universal’s fourth theme park was announced to be on pause back in April however in a shareholders call today Universal revealed that work on the newest park would remain paused indefinitely until conditions improve. On the Comcast conference call(Comcast is the owner of the Universal parks), they revealed that the theme park chain only generated $87 million in the second quarter. That is down a considerable amount from the same time period the previous year of $1.46 billion. That’s a 94% decrease in revenue according to Comcast.

“While attendance in both locations is much lower than our typical summer levels, we are still doing better financially than if we were closed,” Shell said.

The new park was being built on 750 acres near to their current parks in Orlando. Hardly anything was known about the new park but much could be guessed based off an early concept art of the park.

Universal’s Hollywood park has yet to open and has been given no timeline on when it might.


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