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Tokyo Disneyland Has Massive Expansion Plans! You Have To See Them!

A new expansion at DisneySea has been announced for Tokyo Disney. This new ‘port’ (their version of themed ‘lands’) would be comprised of three distinct area’s which would recreate 3 Iconic Disney Films: Frozen, Tangled and Petern Pan. 

4 new attractions, 3 new food facilities, one new shop, and a brand new hotel will be a part of this expansion.

The new Frozen land would bring guests to Arendelle after events in the film where Queen Elsa embraced her power. The gates are now open and guests can explore the castle. The new attraction for this section would have guests board boats and see the history of the film while enjoying all the amazing songs from it. A restaurant will be set inside the castle right below beautiful snow-capped mountains.

The new tangled area will include an attraction that follows Rapunzel’s journey to the lantern festival. Guests will board gondolas for a tour of Rapunzel’s ‘best day ever’ with Flynn and their journey to the lantern festival. The ride will include many lanterns in the climatic scene of the ride as well as the iconic song from the film. In addition to the ride, the land will also feature a restaurant inspired by the hideout of the humourous band of thugs from the film.

The Peter Pan area will be home to two new attractions and a restaurant. Landmarks of the land will include colorful mountains, Captain Hook’s pirate ship and Skull rock. One of the attractions planned seems to be a recreation of the current peter pan ride found at Disneyland and Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom where guests would fly over the jungles and fight Captain Hook. The second attraction will take guests into Pixie Hollow where TInker Bell and her fairy friends work. The restaurant for this land will be inspired by the Lost Boys hideout and will have stunning views of Never Land.

The new hotel seems incredible and will be the most stunning yet on the property. It will have 475 deluxe-type and luxury-type guest rooms. It will provide the finest accomdations of the Tokyo Disney hotels. It will have a strong fantasy theme to it and will offer rooms with stunning park views.

Disney Tokyo has always had high quality attractions, well kept lands, and probably the greatest hotels of any of the Disney properties. This new expansion is sure to continue this trend and will only add to the greatness that is Tokyo Disney.



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