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Six Flags Dubai Officially Canceled

What was going to be the fourth gate at Dubai Parks & Resorts, Six Flags Dubai has finally been cancelled after months of delays and no apparent construction being done on the site. It was to join Motiongate, Bollywood Parks, and Legoland.

The Six Flags brand has been licensed by DXB Entertainment. Today DXB announced that after an extensive review process, it was decided not to continue with construction of the park.

Just a week ago, In the Loop, covered the latest construction news of Six Flags Dubai and didn’t have any high hopes for the park being finished. You can check out what the land looked like prior to cancellation below:

No one was surprised at this statement. The theme park scene in Dubai was constructed incredibly fast and failed to attract the desired number of guests to the parks. In coming years, as the current parks gain more attention and perfect themselves, we can hope that the Six Flags plan is reviewed again and approved.


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