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The First Roller Coaster At Sea!

Introducing BOLT, the fastest and first roller coaster at sea. Guests can strap in and hold on as they are whisked around the top of a Carnival cruise ship. Soon to be available on the Mardi Gras cruise ship in 2020, this fast roller coaster will be a huge thrill for guests aboard. Since Mardi Gras is their newest and largest ship in the fleet measuring in at 1129 feet, this track will have a lot of space to move. You’ll find yourself 187 feet above sea level as you zoom around the ship.

The design of the ride vehicle means that it can increase in speed even as it goes up a hill. Inside the ride vehicle is a motor as well as batteries that operate it. This means that it’s going to be a far different ride than normal gravity powered coasters. Check out the video below of it in action!


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