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Permits reveal the Star Wars hotel layout!

New permits for the Star Wars hotel have been found by californiacoasterkings.com.

The hotel, first announced at D23 back in 2017 was a huge mystery. No one knew how big it was going to big. But, new details have revealed the floor layout

The hotel was permitted to have 100 rooms in it, so compared to other Disney hotels, this will be very small. We can assume because of how small it is, the quality and story behind each room will be the most immersive hotel experience in the world. Guests will be transported to this spaceship and will enjoy unique experiences and entertainment at the hotel. If guests want to visit the new Star Wars land, they can be transported directly from the hotel through a “luxury starship” to keep the immersion in tact.

There will be two sizes of rooms; regular and first class. On the first floor it appears that there are 32 regular cabins and 2 first class cabins. If the layout holds true for the second floor, we can double that. Which actually brings the total to only 68 rooms, far less than the hotel was originally permitted for. Could costs have shot up causing Disney to scale back their ambitious plans?

Below is a section of the main concourse which will be where guests can mingle, eat, and enjoy the Star Wars entertainment in store for them.

The Star Wars hotel will undoubtedly be the most expensive hotel found on any Disney property around the world but it will probably be the most immersive experience you can get. A mix of a theme park and a hotel, guests will have a truly amazing experience


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