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Our 2022 Theme Park Plans! 22 New Parks

I’d like to introduce the new parks and attractions we’ll be visiting this year! The list is quite long as we have some catching up to do. Our visits this year are mostly new parks, we’re not revisiting a lot of parks that we would’ve liked to simply because there are just too many theme parks to choose from! We’ll be revisiting Disneyland this year 3 or more times. Their Spiderman ride was just fantastic and I can’t wait to get back on it. Plus, we’d love to film a lot of their rides for our 360 channel that you can check out here. While in the Southern California area, we do hope to do Knott’s and/or Universal Studios. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be able to do Six Flags Magic Mountain this year but if we can fit it in, then we’ll absolutely do it! I have yet to ride a number of their coasters including their newest one, West Coast Racers. If all goes well, they will also be getting a new single rail coaster that opens in the summer!

Here’s a list of the new parks we’re visiting in the United States:

  • Fun Spot America: Atlanta
  • Fun Spot America: Kissimmee
  • Fun Spot America: Orlando

Yes, these aren’t large parks but we’ll be getting a pass to all their parks this season and will be hitting them all up!

  • SeaWorld: San Antonio
  • ZDT Amusement Park outside of San Antonio, Texas.
  • Indiana Beach
  • Santa’s Village in New Hampshire. We’ll also be revisiting Storyland on this visit as we were too rushed last time to be able to do everything. They had a wonderful log ride and other attractions that we weren’t able to do.
  • Wonderland Park in Amarillo, Texas.
  • Lake Winnepesaukah which is located in northern Georgia
  • Dollywood!!! We’ll be going to this park for at least 2 days as we’ve heard just such amazing things about this park and that there is so much to do!
  • Cliff’s Amusement Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Finally, we’ve come upon our biggest trip yet! We’ll be visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks! We want to literally do all their theme parks. This is where our list exponentially grows! They have just a ton of parks and attractions over there!

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • Global Village. They have several rides and attractions inside and outside of the mall from what we can tell
  • Adventureland Park
  • Islands of Legends
  • Adventure Waterpark
  • MotionGate
  • Bollywood
  • Legoland
  • Ski Dubai (we’ll count this as a theme park)
  • Hili Fun City. This is a super small amusement park located an hour outside of Dubai that we’re going to try to catch a ride to
  • Warner Brothers Park in Abu Dhabi
  • Ferrai Land in Abu Dhabi

If you’ve made it this far, you know we’re locals to Orlando so we’ll be hitting up all the parks in central Florida. This includes all the new festivals in our area, Halloween events, and more! Be sure to follow us on all our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, our main youtube channel, our 360 channel, and our pov/shows channel


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