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New Details about Marvel Land Released

It has been announced that the new Marvel Land at Disneyland’s California Adventure will be developed in two stages. Stage 1 will be mostly a reskin of existing infrastructure at the former Bugs Land.

The thater that once hosted It’s tough to be a Bugs Life will be reskinned to a Spider-Man ride where participants will get a web shooter of their own. This could be similar to toy story mania but instead of darts, balls, and rings, guests will instead be firing web. The bathrooms in the large ’tissue box’ will be remade as well into a possible queue into this ride.

The entrance to this land will be an Avengers symbol and it will also be displayed in the main hub of the land as well.

There will be a large roller coaster E-ticket experience in phase two. Disney has promised a truly unique and amazing experience.

There will be an Ant-Man inspired micro-brewery where we can assume there are giant ants possibly serving you? 😀

Lastly, there will be a Doctor Strange meet and greet experience.


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