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Midsummer Scream Announces A World Building Panel Presentation

Midsummer Scream, the largest Halloween and horror fan convention that happens every year in Long Beach, has just announced a new panel. The World building Panel Presentation will include some huge names from the industry. Names of which have crafted incredibly immersive experiences in their work. This could be anything from a haunted house, a theatrical production, or even a pop-up attraction. These panelists know what it takes to truly create an immersive world where viewers or guests can feel like they are a part of the story.

Jon Braver, Creator of the ‘Delusion’ franchise.
Bonnie Hallman, contributor to Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood’s Horror Made Here, and both Westworld and Game of Thrones for SXSW
Justin Fix, creator of Creep Los Angeles and The Willows
Aaron Keeling, writer/director of The House on Pine Street, In Another Room, At the Bitter End, and a collaboration with the Overlook Film Festival
Darren Lynn Bousman, Director of Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and create of The Tension Experience
Noah Nelson, Founder of No Proscenium and Co-Founder of LEIA – The League of Experiential & Immersive Artists

Part of what we love when it comes to an attraction or experience is being immersed with the story. This could be because of a kick-ass story, amazing props, or convincing performers. This is sure to be an amazing panel for industry professionals and those who might want to join the industry in the future.

If you’re interested in attending Midsummer Scream, you can purchase tickets at www.MidsummerScream.org . We suggest getting the Gold Bat pass as that gets you to the front of the line for panels such as this one as well as the haunt exhibits found on the floor. Stay tuned for more Midsummer Scream 2019 announcements!


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