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Libertyland Theme Park: Here’s What We Know

A brand new theme park was just announced for the United States. It’s going to be called Libertyland. Here’s what we can tell so far about the theme park. 

There appears to be 5 themed lands in this park. I’ll briefly cover their description and what some of the larger rides in each will entail.

Here’s a view of one of the themed lands of the part, Liberty Landing. This land is themed to the colonial New England seaside. On early concept art, there appears to be several large buildings in this area that may be used for dark rides, indoor coasters, or something else.

This next themed land is called Freedom Fair, which is themed to a classic midway with attractions. This land will probably have the largest two rides in the park. One of which is a large wooden coaster and the other being a huge ferris wheel that will offer fantastic views of the whole park. There’s another coaster in the area that looks like a smaller wild mouse type ride.

Dakota Territory is the third land of the park and it will be themed around the gold rush in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This land will be quite impressive and have a huge looking log flume ride as seen above as well as a mine train rollercoaster. In this land there also appears to be a large dining establishment seen at the top of the image that could have shows and food for guests.

The next themed land of the park will be the Black Hills, which allows guests to step back in time and learn more about our nations heritage. This land appears to be largely educational with very few attractions. There does appear to be a ropes course potentially in the concept art, and I’m unsure if this land will technically be where the river rapids ride of the park will start in.

The river rapids ride looks quite impressive! Just look at the amount of theming and detail the designers have put into this! At the top left corner of this image, you can also see a drop tower that will be part of the Dakota Territory land.

The last themed land is called Victory Field which pays homage to north dakota being one of the places where paratroopers trained for world war 2.

This land will contain a parachute drop tower as well as at least 1 indoor ride, possibly 2. It would be cool if one of these indoor rides was a flight simulator like Soarin at Epcot.

The B&M looking coaster you see in the bottom right of this image only appears in the concept art and not the flyover video I have access to. Meaning that this could just be a bluesky idea, that may not make it into the initial theme park build. It may just be on this concept art to show the potential for the park.

Lastly, there appears to be a water show set in the middle of the lake which will make for some spectacular viewing as you can see in the image below. The cool thing about this potential water show is that there might be ample space on multiple sides of the lagoon to view this show from, similar to how the water show at Disneyland’s California Adventure is set up.

The theme park will be located in Black Hills, South Dakota in case you didn’t guess with how the park is themed. The park should be able to take draw tourists that visit Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.

In addition to the theme park, there will be a hotel, waterpark, rv resort, shopping and dining area, and a residential district. In the image of the development below, you can see just how large in scale this project is. It spans a large plot of land and should bring hundreds, if not thousands of jobs to the area, as well as attract new tourists.

The residential section of this development pictured above, looks quite impressive. It will consist of multiple apartment buildings and possibly single family homes in the top left of the image. There will be a large community pool and ample trees throughout this development.

This mixed used development was created by Storyland Studios. This theme park looks quite impressive and will surely draw a large crowd as there is no theme park this well themed nearby for several hundred miles.


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