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LEAKED: Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Plans

The twitter account @BackDoorDisney has just posted the layout of the entire attraction of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. These plans seem quit realistic and make sense from a design perspective and from what we’ve heard about the ride so far.

The image leaked shows that there will be 13 different scenes the queue/ride will have.

Scene 1-2 appears to be the queue. This means that these area’s of the ride could be themed. Meaning that even though it might have a 2 hour wait, you’re time in line might have entertaining views or an interactive story environment.

Scene 3- Load Area (Train Barn)
Scene 4- Park
Scene 5A- Trouble in the Tunnel
Scene 5B- Stampede
Scene 6A- Carnival Chaos
Scene 6B- Twister
Scene 7A/C- Tropical Torrent
Scene 7B- Over the Falls(Multiple sections for individual vehicles?)
Scene 8A- Culvert
Scene 8B- Big City Snarl
Scene 8C- Dance Studio Detour
Scene 9A- Turnback Alley
Scene 9B- Factory Frenzy
Scene 10- Picnic in the Park
Scene 11-13 Unload (Barn) and exit theater

In scene 7, it appears that there are multiple areas that are exactly the same. Could this be for individual cars to experience the falls scene? We could see a 4 car train separate during this scene into individualized cars so guests could have their car experience this scene on its own.


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