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Hello Kitty Hotel Concept

One of my videos of an upcoming theme park went viral a few weeks ago. It was about an upcoming Hello Kitty Theme Park Resort which is going to be the world’s first. There is already a Hello Kitty Theme Park but a ‘theme park resort’ is when there is a connected hotel to the park. We’re still a few years away from this resort opening so I wanted to try my hand at creating my own version of a Hello Kitty Hotel using an AI image generator. Below are the results

This is what the Lobby of the hotel might look like. I imagined a huge Hello Kitty statue there to welcome guests, lots of pink couches where you can sit while you wait to be checked in. Btw, there’s going to be a TON of pink in the following images, so if you’re not a fan of pink, you should turn back now!

Imagine swimming next to a giant hello kitty statue while you’re at a pool. Maybe there is a small water slide off the back side of this statue? Also, all the pool furniture is pink! There’s even a pink water feature there on the right hand side.

Every hotel needs a restaurant inside of it, right? Here’s what the AI came up with for a Hello Kitty Restaurant. It’s almost too much pink, am i right? Anyways, tons of Hello Kitty statues line this restaurant, there’s some pink drink ware and I imagine the plates are probably some form of pink/white.

I had too much fun creating Hello Kitty themed menu’s for this fake restaurant. Here’s one of the drinks the AI came up with. My guess is that the Hello Kitty head is some sort of whip cream or something solid like that? It’s absolutely adorable though!

Imagine getting this for your meal, a sort of sampler dish where you can sample a tons of things on the menu. I can imagine that the hello kitty part of it is some sort of desert that you can eat at the end.

I probably have 30 more images of the food but I dont want to have my website hosting company hate me for uploading so many. Here’s what some kind of miso soup could look like! I love how in most of the food there are tons of strawberries used throughout the food/drink menu.

What a bedroom might look like at this hotel. You would obviously have to sleep under a giant Hello Kitty statue, kind of reminds me when I slept under a Pterodactyl at a Dinosaur themed AirBnB. We have a great view of the city from this room and tons of soft pink seats to set our luggage on top of.

This hotel probably will have a rooftop bar so here’s what I came up with. More soft pink sofa’s and chairs to sit on with a couple more Hello Kitty statues. I can imagine at night this being a vibe for the guests to be at, sipping their pink drinks.

You’re probably wondering how you would arrive to the hotel, well here’s the Hello Kitty bus you would take from the airport! Tons of cuteness all on the outside of the bus and I bet the inside would have themed seats/decor as well! If there are tv’s inside the bus, I bet they would be playing a Hello Kitty movie for guests to enjoy and set the mood for the stay.

There has to be some sort of outfit for employees of the hotel to wear! I think the AI did a great job at thinking of an outfit, I love how unusual this is with the 3 red bows on the outfit.

This is what the generator spat out for a gym, but I think it went too far and used way way too much pink. The mirrors reflecting all the pink back inside the room probably doesn’t help either. Of all the images, I think this is the worst one.

Finally, here is what a Spa might look like. There’s actually a lot less pink here which I find a nice change.

So what did you think of this Hello Kitty Hotel idea? I hope that the hotel they are building in china for this resort is well themed, but I just don’t think it will be as themed as these AI generated images are. Which makes sense as the generator doesn’t have a budget and can be outlandish with designs.


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