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Fastpass Reservations could soon be cancelled at Disney World if you cancel your room reservation

In an ever growing rumor from internal sources, Disney World is planning on taking action against guests that game their system for fastpass tickets. The current and soon to be defunct method was making a hotel reservation to access the 60 day fastpass reservation system. Normally one could only reserve fastpasses 30 days prior to their trip if they were not staying at a Disney World hotel.

If Disney is making this decision, it’s because more and more guests have been abusing this system. Some fastpasses are next to impossible to snatch up at the 30 day mark, Avatar’s Flight of Passage, Na’vi River Journey, and Slinkydog dash.

It’s unknown how much this will help Disney hold onto those reservation dollars. We don’t know who was abusing the system. If it was Orlando locals looking to get the best fastpasses, they would be very unlikely to book a hotel stay just for a fastpass. However, if it wasn’t locals then it might be more likely for that hotel stay to be completed.

This change will definitely make the fastpass system more fair to those trying to plan a great day at Disney World


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