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Every New Rollercoaster Opening in 2024 in the United States

These are all the brand new rollercoasters opening in the United States this year in 2024. We give just a brief bio of each of these rollercoasters including which park they are going to open at. We’ll try to keep this list updated as additional coasters are announced or that we find out are opening.

Iron Menace at Dorney Park. This B&M Dive coaster will be the first new rollercoaster at Dorney Park since 2008. It will reach speeds of up to 64mph and a max height of 160 feet. 

Top Thrill 2 at Cedar Point. While this isn’t a completely new coaster, I’ll still count it for this list as it is being drastically changed from the original. This new version will contain a huge vertical spike that riders will be reverse launched up before descending and going through another launch at 120 mph where it will go over the top hat.

Ultra Surf at Six Flags Over Georgia. This is the worlds first Ultra Surf rollercoaster made by Intamin. Guests will go back and forth on a U shaped track before finally splashing down at the very end.

Good Gravy at Holiday World. Every rollercoaster at Holiday World is themed to a Holiday and this new coaster is themed to Thanksgiving. Guests will board a Gravy Boat themed coaster inside of Grandmothers house. The ride will reach speeds of up to 37 mph.

Penquin Trek at Sea World Orlando – This new B&M coaster will contain multiple launches and reach speeds of up to 43 mph. This will be the parks 5th B&M coaster. It will take the place of the former Empire of the Penguins dark ride that closed down a few years ago. Guests will board the coaster indoors before being launched outside. The best part about this ride is that guests will exit directly into the penguin exhibit!

Fire in the Hole at Silver Dollar City. This brand new coaster is a remake of the original Fire in the Hole coaster at the park. This new version will contain better animatronics, ride vehicles, and a smoother track. This new coaster will cost $30 million and be the largest indoor coaster in the midwest!

Circuit Breaker at Cotaland – This rollercoaster will contain a unique tilt feature. This feature alone will make this coaster one of the most thrilling coasters in Texas! It will be the first of its kind in the United States. The opening date of this coaster has been delayed previously so it might be pushed back again.

The Bobcat at Six Flags Great Escape. This wooden rollercoaster replaces the Alpine Bobsled coaster that was in the same plot of land, it will re-use the station queue. This will be a good sized family rollercoaster

The Flash: Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Great Adventure. This will be a brand new type of Vekoma Super Boomerang coaster and reach speeds of up to 59 mph. The layout of this coaster looks extremely fun and whippy.

Snoopys Soap Box Racers – Kings Island- This is another vekoma boomerang coaster, similar to Good Gravy. It will reach speeds of up to 36 mph and be perfect for families.

Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift at Universal Studios Hollywood. This new coaster is themed to the Fast and the Furious Franchise and is taking up the space of two previous stages that previously housed the Animal Actors show and the Jabborwacki’s show during HHN. This coaster has been compared to the Velocicoaster at the Orlando location and will also be made by Intamin. There will be multiple launches and the ride vehicles will be able to rotate 360 degrees, allowing the park to direct guests’ screams away from the homes nearby.

Hot Wheels Bone Shaker at Mattel Adventure Park. Opening at a brand new theme park themed to Mattel, this Hot Wheels coaster will have a kickass front car. While this park was supposed to open last year, we can potentially expect a late opening this year for the park from what I’ve been told. 

Hot Wheels Twin Mills Racer at Mattel Adventure Park. Guests will board their coaster indoors (with AC) before seeing a small-ish dark ride section of this coaster. They will then be launched to 50 mph in 3 seconds before being launched outside where riders will be taken on two vertical loops.

Phoenix Rising at Busch Gardens Tampa. Another family friendly coaster being built, this will be a suspended coaster built by B&M. It will reach speeds of up to 44 miles per hour and be located in the pantopia section of the park.

Snoopy’s Tenderpaw Twister Coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm. This new coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm will be in the Camp Snoopy area of the park which is all about family rides. The theming around this coaster is impeccable! Just check out the Woodstock’s in the lookout as well as the tent they have in the background!

Daddy Pigs Roller coaster at the new Peppa Pig park in Texas. Saving the best for last, this brand new coaster will most likely be an exact clone of the park currently open in Florida. 


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