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Disney Just Unveiled It’s Version Of Universal’s Magic Wand! The Lightsaber

When the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter opened in Universal Orlando, it came with a magical wand you could interact with scenery around the new land. It was an instant hit and earned Universal millions of dollars in terms of merchandising. Guests had to have one when they visited the new land, easily boosting the revenue of the expensive expansion.

It seems that Disney might have just created it’s own version of this wand; a brand new lightsaber. From the looks of the patent they just filed, it seems like the most advanced lightsaber ever made. If it is indeed that, guests will have to get their hands on this new toy.

With the right placements of some sensors in the lightsaber, you can expect that it would be very easy to interact with animatronics throughout the land. Guests might even be assumed to be jedi or sith if they possess one of these toys which could make stationary props hover off the ground or move in various ways if a forcewielder(jedi/sith) is nearby. The inclusion of this would make this new product a must-have and easily help recoup the costs of the new lands that are estimated to cost 1 billion dollars.


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