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Australia’s Sea World set to get $50 million upgrade!

Village Roadshow, the owner of Sea World Australia is set to expand the park over the next 18 months with a $50 million dollar investment. This will increase the number of guest experiences available at the park.

The new land will be called The New Atlantis and will contain 3 attractions opening through December 2020. The first of these rides is called Vortex set to open in December of 2019

Get ready to brave the Vortex as it tumbles and whirls through the air above the agitated waters of the ocean below! This wild and powerful new ride will feature pendulum movements, circular rotations and will be sure to give you a fun and thrilling experience.

Next up is Trident which will open in April of 2020. It will be a Star-Flyer like swing where guests can reach stunning heights while spinning in the air. Expect to reach 170 feet in the air with Trident.

Lastly, the third ride opening in this expansion is Leviathan. This will be the first wooden roller coaster built in all of Australia since 1985. It will be 105 feet tall and have a huge track length of 3208 feet. Guests can expect to reach speeds of up to 50 mph making this the fastest, longest, and tallest wooden coaster in Australia.

The Gravity Group is the company behind Leviathan and they have an impressive track record of some amazing rides.


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