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A Fake Mack Rides Instagram Account Trolled People

It’s not uncommon for trolls to be online. What’s new though is that the most recent target of a troll account was Mack Rides. An account called Mack_Rides which had been created a few years ago recently became active once again. What followed was a string of posts from this fake account


There were a series of posts before this one, but this was the only one I managed to get a screenshot of. My memory is terrible so I honestly forget what all the posts were about but they weren’t good. I’m still not sure if the account was once owned by Mack Rides or was a long game planned by a troll. Either Mack or the troll made a post that looked very official next.

What followed next was another string of posts from the ‘intern’/troll.

The account no longer appears to exist. Did the troll delete it? Did Mack Rides get Instagram to take it down? Or was it an account Mack Rides owned that they later locked themselves?


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