For many of the everyday Walt Disney World visitors, the primary focus of Star Wars: Galaxy’s
Edge is typically the Rise of the Resistance. As we all know, you don’t necessarily need to be a
Star Wars fan to want to experience any new ride that Disney puts out. But for those of us who
have been lifelong fans of the franchise, we know there are many awesome reasons to love this
immersive land. Here are 5 cool reasons we’ve gathered throughout our many trips here.

    We absolutely love their commitment to detail in Galaxy’s Edge. There is no
    sign of those classic Disney characters anywhere and mostly everything you
    find is written in Aurebesh, the official language of Batuu. From the subtle
    signage to the flat out over the top Dasani and Coke bottles that were created to
    fall into place, there is no miss with the theming here. You will not even find
    Disney “Cast Members” in Galaxy’s Edge, there are only residents of Batuu.
    They go above and beyond with their nighttime lightning and sounds in this
    area too making it our favorite time of the day to visit!
    There is no shortage of your favorite characters here. Whether Kylo Ren and the
    Storm Troopers are asking you to join them, or Rey and Chewbacca stop you in
    your tracks to request your hand with their fight against the First Order, the
    interaction is always amazing. You can also visit the Droid Depot where you will
    find a conveyor belt filled with parts, chips, and other tech items to assist in
    building your very own sidekick or build your own custom lightsaber in Savi’s
    Workshop that you bring to life with kyber crystals. Regardless of what you
    decide to do during your visit, you’re going to feel like you are part of the story.
    You will often find people parading behind the characters as if they were extras
    in a scene of one of the films.
    Blue Milk is a HUGE hallmark of the Starwars films. Mark Hamill had once
    commented on the filming experience and said that the milk he had to drink in
    the movie was just milk with food coloring in it that tasted terrible. Luckily for
    us, the Blue and Green milk in Galaxy’s Edge tastes like a sweet melted rocket
    pop from your 1980’s childhood! We also go crazy over any of the drinks in
    Ogas Cantina, the notorious local watering hole in the Black Spire Outpost. It is
    also safe to say the immersion in Ogas is bar none (see what I did there) and so
    are the authentic drinks! It is a very small space, so this makes it a very hard
    reservation to score. Did you know that it is the first location to serve alcohol in
    the Disneyland Park, other than Club 33? Our number one choice for food is
    usually grabbing a Ronto Wrap from Ronto Roasters. We love the atmosphere,
    you really feel like you’re eating something right there in Batuu. A Pitmaster
    droid is “grilling” your side of Ronto when you enter the area, a beast native to
    Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine.
    Forget walking onto Main Street and seeing the Castle! The biggest wow factor
    for Star Wars fans is coming around the corner and seeing the Falcon for the
    very first time. Along with the castle, it is one of the most popular
    photographed places in all of the Disney parks. It has one of the neatest
    pre-shows that Disney has ever created and some really fun places to take some
    photo ops before you’re loaded into Smugglers Run. What fan has not dreamt of
    the day they got to “punch it” inside the Millennium Falcon and go into
    The shopping in Batuu is where the magic happens. Galaxy’s Edge is filled with
    tons of fun shops that offer unique items you can’t find anywhere else
    in the parks. Our favorite spot to recommend to first time visitors is
    Toydarian Toymaker. As with anything Disney, there is always a back story.
    This adorable spot is home to Zabaka the Toydarian. You can often find her
    silhouette flitting around through the frosted black window of her workshop.
    This is where you can find handcrafted dolls, fun card games, and wooden
    figurines. What is a trip to a Galaxy Far Far Away without a funky souvenir?
    For more information or to book your next out of this world adventure, reach
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