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5 Amazing Disneyland Books To Own

If you’re an avid of all things Disneyland then you might have thought about picking up a book or five about the park. Well, whether you want a single book or our whole list, we’ve gathered them all in one place to make your life a little easier.

Designing Disney: Imagineering and the Art of the Show (A Walt Disney Imagineering Book)

We’re a huge fan of the Imagineering department at Disneyland so up first on our list is a book that shows off the work of John Hench. There are a ton of storyboards where you can see every single detail in the design of the land. Averaging 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 42 reviews, this book is definitely a favorite by all that read it

Designing Disney’s Theme Parks: The Architecture of Reassurance

Another book about the design of attractions at Disneyland. This book explains the power of the design behind the lands and rides found at the park. There are a ton of contributing authors behind this book and they take a deep dive into the architecture of Disneyland

The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream

This next book isn’t about the design of the park necessarily. It’s about the momentum that made it successful. It goes into the various battles Walt had with both himself and external forces in making his park successful. It goes on further to describe how the park survived Walt’s passing. A truly amazing book that you should have in your possession.

One Little Spark!: Mickey’s Ten Commandments and The Road to Imagineering

Another great book on the Imagineering department at Disney. This one explains what makes the team so successful as a whole. With lots of great advice on how future creative minds can be successful in their own projects. This book has all the blueprints you need on the road to become an Imagineer.

Poster Art of the Disney Parks (A Disney Parks Souvenir Book)

If you’ve ever walked underneath the train station at the entrance to Disneyland(and if you’re looking at this article the chances of this are really high) then you’ve probably seen the beautiful ride posters along the tunnel. This book contains a mesmerizing amount of artwork from the park. This is a great coffee table book to have where you can browse it while waiting in your living room or have a few minutes to spare in between chores. Definitely get this book if you love any of the art you’ve seen at Disneyland as there is a ton in here that you probably haven’t seen!


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