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Toy Story Land at Disney World is getting a new shop and restaurant!

Quite some time ago, Disney announced they would be building a new table service restaurant at Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. Plans for that were pushed back due to COVID-19. But, Disney Parks just announced that they would be completing the shop and restaurant addition in 2022!

The restaurant will be called Roundup Rodeo BBQ. The story behind this is that Andy has taped together some boxes to create his own toy rodeo set. It will be a fun and unique family dining experience. Featuring one of our favorite types of food, Barbequeue, the restaurant will also contain various toys, games, and playsets that Andy has brought together to make a one-of-a-kind rodeo! While this isn’t going to be the wildest ride in the wilderness, it could very well be the wildest dining experience in the wilderness! When guests enter the restaurant, they will feel like they are a toy themselves as all the props around the restaurant will be scaled up! The restaurant will contain various playset location themes including a train station. Some Pixar characters will even make an appearance for guests while they dine.

Next up is Jessie’s Trading Post. Apparently Andy discovered this playset tucked away in the attic and is bringing it downstairs to play with. It will contain some of the coolest toys and souvenirs that only the rootinest, tootinest cowgirl could have picked out! This is a very much needed shop for the land as the other area’s guests can purchase souvenirs from are very small and at least the one outside Toy Story Mania seems out of place. Hopefully this new store will be large, well themed, and fun to visit!


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