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The Ice Age Ride That Six Flags Almost Built

An Ice Age Dark Ride was almost built at Six Flags. Here’s everything we know about this canceled project.

This Ice Age ride was going to be released practically at the peak of the Ice Age movie franchise, a little after the third movie was released, Dawn of the Dinosaurs. In fact, it looks like the ride would have been based on the 3rd movie and feature some of your favorite characters like Sid, Manfred, Diego,  Crash and Eddie. 

The entrance to the ride just looked perfect. I can imagine myself in the movie upon entering this building. I would love it if they added a little acorn at the top of this ice face, above where the crack is. Kind of like a hidden easter egg to the first move.

It was going to be a 4D attraction, meaning guests would have to wear 3D glasses. Other effects may have included scents in the ride, mist, wind, or some other elements. 

The ride would be a mix of screens and physical animatronics.

An example of this is Scrat, the very cute saber-toothed squirrel from the film. He would have a physical animatronic of him standing on his acorn with the ice cracking around it. Then guests would most likely transition to a screen nearby where they can watch him fall into this water, surrounded by piranhas. 

There would be 4 different themed zones in this ride. The largest of which would be Ice themed. Then shortly after that a volcano section, then a water section, followed by what could be a beach section due to its color.

In total there would be 10 show scenes for this ride.

The ride was going to be 700 feet in track length, take guests 3 minutes to complete, and have 15 vehicles. Each vehicle would hold 6 guests and the theoretical hourly ride capacity of this would have been 1440 people. In terms of riders per hour, that would be a fantastic ride at a Six Flags parks which usually have rides under 1100 riders per hour.

So why did Six Flags, want to build a family ride? Well, this happened when Mark Shapiro was head of Six Flags. He wanted to make the chain of parks more family friendly. He had already worked with Legacy Entertainment on two other huge family hits, the glow in the park parades and Monster Mansion at Six Flags Over Georgia, and he was once again in talks with Legacy Entertainment to create this new Ice Age ride.

But in 2010, he and his team were replaced when the company faced bankruptcy, which caused the Ice Age ride to be canceled. 

This Ice Age ride would have been a game changer for the Six Flags chain of parks. Drawing in more and more families. Do you think Six Flags should revisit adding this ride in their parks? Even though the Ice Age franchise is old, I still think this ride would be a hit, but what do you think?

It’s funny, but Six Flags has been building more family friendly rides lately, with several smaller rollercoasters perfect for the family (Six Flags Great Escape, Fiesta Texas, St Louis, Over Georgia). I think the park as a whole realizes that they need to cater more to the family. Mark Shapiro was ahead of his time and if his team hadn’t run out of money, I think the Six Flags parks would be completely different with him behind the helm.

Thanks to Legacy Entertainment for providing me these images, these are used with permission from the company.


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