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New Details About The Stranger Things Maze!

At Midsummer Scream, a horror conference at long beach convention center, it was announced at the Universal Studios panel that the new Stranger Things maze will only cover season 1 of the television series.

At the panel were John Murdy and Chris Williams from Universal Studios Hollywood, joined along with Mike Aiello from Universal Orlando. This marked the first time at a convention that both parks were joined together!

During the panel the three said that there were just too many amazing things that happened in both of the seasons. There was no way they could do the show justice if they combined both seasons. They did have some concepts combined both of the seasons but eventually agreed that focusing on one season would give the best experience to the fans.

We very much look forward to the maze. We managed to record most of the panel at Midsummer Scream, check out our youtube channel to find coverage of the event!

We at Parkineer tried our hand at creating our own concept version of the stranger things maze. Our version had combined both the seasons. To see our concept art, CLICK HERE


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