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Fictional drinks perfect for Galaxy’s Edge

*Image courtesy of Disney

We recently conducted a survey asking for the best fictional drinks for the Star Wars universe. There were a lot of great ideas but here were the best ones. To see all the drinks, CLICK HERE to join our Galaxy’s Edge group.

Coaxium Cooler – There would be a hard limit of two of these drinks.

Midichlorian sour – At first really strong, gets weaker and weaker as you drink more of it.

Tatooine suns-rise – A fun little drink that has two pieces of candy at the bottom in the shape of lightsabers

Highground on the rocks – The top of the drink would be really strong and would gradually decrease until you reached the bottom where it wouldn’t be that strong

Sex on a dewback – A great drink for when you reminisce about a past camping trip in the desert which you hated because sand got everywhere and you hate sand.

This is the Whey Protein Shake – With 4 different whey options to choose from, guests can point to which one they want and say ‘This is the Whey’

Degobah Mudslide – A drink that truly rises to the occasion!

 Han ‘shot’ First – I know I’ve been looking forward to this drink for a long time. I bet you have been wanting this drink for awhile as well!

Black Spiral – You would need to get into the park at 7am and try to get a drinking pass for this drink. Some guests that arn’t able to get the drink will throw a fit.

Kyber Crystal Freeze – There are so many different types of this drink. Each one has a different flavor. Most people really want the black one but somehow always end up with the red.

Mandalorita – This is a joke drink as the bartender will slowly make it in front of you. After every ingredient he adds to it, you’ll think it’s done being made and try to grab it. The bartender will then get to say ‘Don’t touch that’ or ‘Stop touching things’.

Jyn and Tonic – The perfect drink for the last call. This drink has an amazing flavor that will surely make your night end with a bang.

Boba Fett Tea – A fun tea with boba balls! Probably a honeydew flavor so it can be green.

The Storm Trooper – Just a clone of the current popular drink in town

Palpatini – when you order this drink you’re told the tragedy of Darth Plagueis.

Scruffy Nerf Herder – When ordering this bartender will repeat your order to you and the proper response is “who’s scruffy looking?”

Jar jar juice – Probably the most unsuspecting of all the drinks. This would be an extremely powerful drink. If you wanted to get drunk, this would be the phantom menace of all the cocktails in the bar, just waiting for one foolish mortal to underestimate it’s power. Meesa thinks if youssa drinks too many of these, youssa might annoy youssa companions.


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