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Dollywood Announces BIG BEAR MOUNTAIN Multi-Launch Coaster for 2023!

Dollywood has officially revealed a new FAMILY FRIENDLY COASTER is slated to open in Spring 2023!

We have spent weeks being teased by Dollywood, searching the park for clues, and even receiving updates from Ned Oakley himself about his new expeditions beginning in Spring 2023 via a special hotline!

Dollywood held a special event at the park to finally share details about the mysterious BIG BEAR

Roaming Wildwood Grove! Dolly was even on hand to help make the announcement! Dolly joined by Dollywood Parks president Eugene Naughton AND Wildwood Groves one and only BENJAMIN BEAR!!

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Today we learned that these expeditions will come in the form of a brand new family friendly multi launch coaster called BIG BEAR MOUNTAIN and is set to open in Spring of 2023 in the Wildwood Grove area of the park!

Dollywood says this coaster will be the first on park to feature ON BOARD AUDIO, MUSIC, and NARRATION FROM NED OAKLEY!!! 

The coaster will be 3,990 feet in length, 66 feet tall and will be the longest coaster Dollywood has ever built! Each train will accommodate up to 20 riders!

It will have a maximum speed of 48MPH and have a 39-inch minimum height requirement.

Big Bear Mountain will continue the enchanting story of Wildwood Grove and create a unique attraction the entire family can enjoy! We cannot WAIT to experience this coaster and will be first in line to check it out during the 2023 passholder previews!

How do you feel about this brand-new attraction coming to Dollywood next year? 


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