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Disneyland Revoking Annual Passes of Souvenir Resellers

The great mouse can give and he can take.

Disney has been quietly revoking the annual passes of those that that have been reselling souvenirs purchased from the park. This new ban doesn’t seem to be affecting those that buy just a few items each year at the park to give to family or friends. Instead, this ban is meant for those that wait in line for every limited release item and buy multiple copies of it. Annual passes allow a guest to receive a 10 to 20 percent discount on merchandise throughout the park.

“Park Rules and Annual Pass Terms and Conditions are in place to help protect the experience for all of our Guests,” Disneyland representative Liz Jaeger said.

Disneyland wants to protect guests from those trying to make a quick buck. A common complaint I hear on many a Disney forum are when exclusive products sell out too fast. Far too many people are simply waiting in line to resell the item to someone else. Disney can increase satisfaction by banning those taking these items away from guests who would personally use them.

This new ban might be hard to qualify in some cases and i doubt Disney would give us the exact numbers on what qualifies one as a reseller. If you want to play it safe, only buy items for yourself and the occasional friend or family member.


image courtesy of Disneyparks blog


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