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Disneyland Just Secretly Increased All Their Ticket Prices

Overnight and without any notice, Disneyland just increased the prices of all tickets and passes to the park. The simple fact is that they can keep increasing prices and more guests will still continue to visit the park. With prices at an all time high, and the new star wars land coming later this year, you can expect Disneyland to see a great increase in park admission revenue this year. Below are the prices originally and what the new prices are of all tickets and season passes


Pass Type Original New Increase $
Select $369 $399 $30
Deluxe $729 $799 $70
Signature $999 $1,149 $150
Signature Plus $1,149 $1,399 $250
Premier $1,579 $1,949 $370


Original New Increase $
1 Day One Park Value $97 $104 $7
Regular $117 $129 $12
Peak $135 $149 $14
1 Day Park Hopper Value $147 $154 $7
Regular $167 $179 $12
Peak $185 $199 $14
Maxpass $10 $15 $5
Parking $20 $25 $5


If previous price increases can tell us anything it’s that this will do nothing to prevent more and more people from going to Disneyland. It will continue to hit capacity for certain days and will still be crowded. However, the price increases make sense this time around since they are putting billions of dollars into the new star wars lands in Anaheim and Orlando.


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