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Cedar Point and Kings Island Get Opening Date

In case you missed the whole story, Cedar Point and Kings Island, were originally not on the list of businesses to be allowed to reopen on June 10th. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine had left them off the list. Well, on that same list were bowling alleys, indoor family fun centers (indoor amusement parks), museums, movie theaters, etc. The list added up and it didn’t make much sense why the two theme parks couldn’t reopen at the same time with all the other establishments. One could argue it’s far easier to social distance outdoors in large spaces than it is indoors. From what we’ve learned of Covid-19, it also spreads far easier indoors than outdoors.

So Cedar Point and Kings Island sued Ohio to be allowed to reopen. The lawsuit said that Dr. Amy Acton, the director of the Ohio Department of Health, had singled them out while other businesses were allowed to reopen. And then just a few hours later, Ohio quickly caved in and said both parks could reopen on June 19th. Both parks have been closed all season so far. The local economies of both parks have been hit hard by the closures and are estimated to have lost millions in tax revenue off the parks.

Prior to this, the parks were required to remain closed through July 1st.


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