Parkineer was created in 2017 by theme park fans and geared toward theme park fans. We started out wanting more. More news about rides, interviews with ride designers, fun t-shirts to wear to the parks, fan-made theme park designs, and most importantly a strong community where we could talk about anything related about theme parks to people that understand our passion.

We’re inspired by large YouTube vloggers like the Tim Tracker, Defunctland, and Disney Dan. But we’re also inspired by smaller vloggers like The West Wing, Attraction Ideas, and others!

We started off with just 2 followers, ourselves. We’ve worked hard in building up a strong community. Since then, we’ve grown to over 2,500 Instagram followers, 15,000 people getting our newsletter updates, 2,000 members in our Facebook group, and 500 YouTube subscribers.

Our mission is to make sure that you are in the know. Keeping you up to date with the best seasonal food items to eat. The newest theme parks that you must visit. And even, what attractions to get one last ride on before it closes forever.

Anyone can be a Parkineer. It doesn’t matter if you live 1,000 miles away from Disneyland or a Universal Studios park. A Parkineer can be next to any theme park around the world. We have members in 10 different countries around the world so far, including the Philippines and Ghana!

Theme parks are our home and we want to share that home with everyone.