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A Mac n Cheese Truck is coming to Disney Springs!

A new food truck is coming to Disney Springs! While it’s name isn’t the most original, Mac & Cheese Truck, it definitely conveys what it will be serving up! And we’re very excited for what they are dishing out! A lot of Mac & Cheese!

Featuring six different cheeses, this Mac & Cheese will contain a lot of flavor. With a topping of cheese puffs, this treat will be absolutely delicious.

They also serve a Bacon Cheesebuger Mac-N-Cheese with a creamy cheddar and American cheese mixed with ground beef. Toppings can include bacon, tomato, shredded letuce, sliced pickles, mustard, ketch, and cripsy potato sticks.

You can also get an Italian-inspired Chicken Parmesan Mac-N-Cheese with Alrefdo sauce. Topped with crispy fried chicken, marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese, and basil,

Other notable mentions include a Smoked Brisket Mac-n-Cheese and a Lobster/Shrimp Mac-n-Cheese. This is definitely the food truck for anyone that loves all things Mac-n-Cheese. If you go, be sure to tell us how it was on our facebook group! Click Here to join


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