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A How to Train Your Dragon Hotel Concept

Imagine if Universal built a How to Train Your Dragon themed hotel for their upcoming Epic Universe park! How cool would that be? Well, we decided to try our hand at imagining what this hotel could look like. These are fan made images are not real!

Let’s start off with how you would get to this hotel from the airport. There would probably be some sort of hotel shuttle that should look themed and here’s what we came up with.

Here’s what the hotel could look like once you’re dropped off.

A Toothless statue in front of the hotel would be a must. Every guest would probably want to get their selfie in front of him. Obviously this isn’t to scale, but it would be a very impressive statue! As you can see behind toothless, the hotel has some Viking-like points at the top of it.

This is what we imagine the hotel lobby looks like. A lot of viking influence and wood being used to create a great hall where guests can mix and mingle before or after check in. Probably somewhere not shown in this picture would be a large fireplace that would make this room feel a lot more viking like.

The bedroom could be one of two things. It could continue the viking theme as shown above. Or it could be more IP based on the movie which I’ll show below. But first lets talk about this image. I absolutely love the idea of sleeping in a tiny themed boat, it just sounds fun. I love that there is a light inside the boat potentially for reading.

If we were basing the bedroom more on the movies, then I think this one is pretty great. Imagine having a giant toothless head above you while you sleep, almost like he is protecting you!

While some might find this scary, waking up to a dragon above them while they sleep. I once slept in a Dinosaur Skull so I dont think it’s that scary!

I can imagine at this hotel that they might have some themed characters walking around and interacting with guests. I like the idea of not having characters from the movies as walk around characters but instead just ‘other’ dragon riders that walk around and interact with guests.

Maybe asking guests what their favorite type of dragon is, some sheep jokes, what they think of the weather for riding dragons, etc. The above image depicts theses non descript dragon riders perfectly, a ton of leather and some armor just like the movies.

Another rending of these walk around character’s outfits. I really like how easy it is to use Midjourney to create outfits like this!

Next up is what the bar at this hotel might look like. Every great hotel has to have one!

I imagine that this bar has a dragon watching those drinking, making sure they don’t get out of line. What happens if they do? Instead of being shown ‘the door’, they are instead shown ‘the dragon’!

I love the leather barstool seats, it just makes sense. Also all of the wood that is used.

Look at that hugeeee drink selection! You could make some sweet drinks here!

There should be some sort of specialty glass at this bar, that makes the drinks just feel unique. I love how these glasses turn out here, they just seem like they were made by dragon flame!

This would probably be a limited edition tiki mug that would be available at the bar!

But if you’re hungry, a bar won’t help you out. So let’s take a look at the restaurant in this hotel.

A lot of viking theme is going on in this dining room. I can imagine that the middle tables are communal, kind of like how the Vikings probably ate. Sharing a meal with a stranger would be common here!

Hopefully these chairs won’t be that heavy but they do look heavy!

If you’re a fan of salad, I bet the chefs can make your food come to life like this image! I just love how each section of toothless could probably be eaten.

This version of a salad didn’t turn out as great as the other but I just had to include it in this blog!

Lastly, lets move on to the hotel giftshop! This is where they would sell exclusive shirts and other merchandise to help boost their profit margins!

This giftshop would be exceptionally themed, to get guests in the mood to buy and immerse themselves in the world of How to Train your Dragon!

So what did you think of this article? This is our 2nd one where we used Midjourney to create our own concept art. Our first one was this Hello Kitty Hotel concept. We’ll try to make one of these using midjourney every few weeks!


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