We know children of all ages love visiting theme parks, Universal Orlando Resorts specifically,
but there is also some great fun to be had for those of you who want to visit without the kiddos.
Below you will find a list of five awesome things I bet you did not even know you could do when
you are visiting childless!

  • Get A Tattoo
    I will be honest, I have been visiting UOR for years and years and I had no idea you could
    actually get a tattoo until recently! Not only did I not know they had a tattoo parlor tucked away
    in the back of CityWalk, but I was also surprised to find out that pop star Pink’s husband, Carey
    Hart was the founder of this shop called Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company.
  • Enjoy A Rum Tasting
    Strong Water Tavern, which is housed in Universal’s Sapphire Falls Resort, is home to a
    beautiful rum collection that boasts over 100 selections of rum. Their “Rum Captains” are
    trained on how to pair different rums with their amazing tapas-style cuisine. You can also
    request a Rum Captain for a tasting of something special or even schedule a Rum Lab Cruise.
  • Have A Spa Day
    Not only do we love the massages we get at Mandara Spa at Loews Portofino Bay, but we also
    love the treatment circuit of the sauna, the steam room and the hydrotherapy. Another awesome
    benefit of having a treatment booked at the spa is being able to utilize the showers on your hotel
    check out day. There is no better feeling than getting on your flight home showered and clean!
  • Bar Hop
    With many different clubs and bars to choose from on CityWalk, each offering a unique
    atmosphere and style, there is more than enough opportunity to dance and drink the night away
    for adults. The best thing is you do not even have to make a commitment to stay at one with
    them the entire night. With all of them being so close, why not bar hop?
  • Visit Duff Brewery
    Are you a long time Simpsons Fan? Then you are going to love this one! Head over to
    Springfield, USA which is home to the Simpsons in Universal Studios Florida, and grab an icy
    cold glass of Homer’s favorite suds! After you down that Duff beer, make sure to grab a photo
    op with the giant statue of the Duffman himself!

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